March 23rd, 2016

Knife Making in the Alde Valley

Two years ago The Artists and Bronze Casters of Butley Mills Studios brought a mobile foundry to White House Farm for the 2014 Alde Valley Spring Festival. Watching glowing liquid bronze being poured into moulds in the back farmyard prompted the question of whether bronze casting had ever taken place before in the local landscape, many centuries ago. We found some supposedly bronze age soot / scorch marks in subsoil on the farm a few years ago, so it is a possibility.

Knife making is another ancient craft and it has been very exciting to be able to create a new forge at the farm for Tobias Ford. He has launched into knife making alongside his main practice as a sculptor. The first designs for kitchen knives were impressive, combining comfort and balance with strong blades and finely crafted handles.

Working with Tobias, the Spring Festival has commissioned a set of bespoke “Great Glemham” GG kitchen knives. Tobias will also be selling his own designs during the Spring Festival.

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