April 9th, 2015

Painted Furniture & a new Hall Chair

The painted furniture in the 2015 Spring Festival Exhibition takes inspiration from the work of Tessa Newcomb together with early painted chairs and chests from Pennsylvania in New England. There are many intriguing connections between the easter seaboards of north eastern United States and East Anglia – and, in particular, between Suffolk UK and parts of Massachusetts.

Back at home here in the UK, Tessa’s paintings have been part of the Spring Festival and Easter Exhibitions since the latter started in a small cottage in Great Glemham in 2003. They are distinctive and beautiful – full of Suffolk scenes. For 2015 Tessa has been exploring themes of footpaths and “dropping down” in the landscape to observe and watch. The phrase was used by Ronald Blythe in his book of essays “At Helpston” about the Suffolk poet John Clare.

The 2015 Festival Exhibition includes a selection of chairs and other original pieces of furniture painted by Tessa. One is a new prototype Suffolk Hall Chair, based upon the remains of an early 19th century chair brought to the farm by Raymond Hopkins. It carries on the hall chair tradition, using local oak – but with the contemporary addition of painted panels by Tessa – the latter a reference to early painted furniture from New England.


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