April 9th, 2015

Glemham Hedge Chairs

Glemham Hedge Chairs are made at the farm’s workshop by Raymond Hopkins using small sections of oak, ash, hawthorn, elm and yew from hedgerows and woodland growing nearby. Other prototypes have been produced by Jim Parsons. The Glemham Hedge Chairs borrow designs and ways of making chairs from Irish and Welsh chair making traditions. The seats are made with side cuts of oak and elm – often the off-cuts from milling. The legs and spindles are made from ash and yew, while the top rails or arms are constructed from curved lengths of oak, chestnut, yew and other timber. The latter are most easily found in old hedges – hence the name – but also in the old tops of stag-headed oak and chestnut trees. They are made to order. The Spring Festival also commissions a selection of Glemham Hedge Chairs from Raymond each year for the annual Spring Festival Exhibition.

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