March 31st, 2014

Sculpture Residency ~ Alex Johnson

Alex has been based at the farm for two months on a seasonal residency – a small pilot project looking at how farming and arts can work together in close harmony. He has been working on a monumental chair – or throne – carved by hand from the cross-cut stump of an old oak tree that died a few years ago at White House Farm.

The tree was felled by Paul Berry Рa fifth generation timber man Рand the remainder of the tree was milled by Mouse Pritchard-Barrett of Drywood Ltd. The chair has been emerging from the tree stump for the past few months. At first simple in form, it has slowly become more delicate : an upward splash in wood ; or a cluster of tulip-like petals. It will be on show in the 2014 Festival Exhibition Рvisitors are welcome to try it out. It is an extraordinary creation.

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