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Since 2015 The Alde Valley Spring Festival has also started representing selected artists and makers.

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Jason Gathorne Hardy 

Livestock Drawings - Gathorne-Hardy’s livestock drawings feature in numerous corporate collections in East Suffolk – most notably at The Swan Hotel in Southwold, The White Lion in Aldeburgh and Milsoms in Kesgrave, Ipswich. Over the year’s he has drawn flocks of sheep and herds of dairy cows in many parts of the British Isles and Ireland. These range from mule ewes, Suffolk Sheep, Texel rams and Red Poll cattle in Suffolk to Rough Fell and Swaledale sheep in Cumbria; Holstein cows in Powys; and  continental cattle in Kerry, Eire.

“Working with animals can be deeply moving. I take inspiration from a quote of Jake Nicholson in a book about Banks Head – the home of Ben and Winifred Nicholson published by Abbott Hall gallery. In it he says that we do not realise how much we lose when our lives become separated from animals, from livestock. I think this is true. Our social history and the history or our landscapes are often both intimately interwoven with livestock. Drawing livestock in the fields or in barns re-awakens those connections.”
Seagulls - These are a recurrent theme in Gathorne-Hardy’s work, first appearing in the early  1990s. The drawings are typically loose, catching a sense of flight and uplift – of birds soaring above the land.
Landscape - The artist has recently started to return to large scale landscape drawings, using mud, graphite, plants and other found materials as tools or sources of pigment. Some of these are studio works, prepared with materials gathered from familiar landscapes. Other smaller landscape drawings and paintings are made outdoors in the field or on the hill, preferably in the rain or at dawn or dusk, when detail is lost to general form – when the feel or quality of a landscape becomes most present.
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 Craig Hudson 

Craig Hudson’s sculpture presents a truly unusual and uniquely modern approach to bronze casting in which traditional post-Renaissance bronze casting techniques have a full-on collision with contemporary street art. Born and bred in Suffolk and a graduate of University of Suffolk Fine Art Department, he has carried his experiences of modern urban living into the foundry, reworking them into extraordinarily powerful bronzes - often finished with a passing spray of aerosol paint. The apparently gratuitous application of paint – or stubbed out cigarettes and embedded casting nails – provides a rawness to his work.

The Spring Festival launched Craig’s work locally with a Solo Show in 2015. The focus of this show was a plaster version of his largest work to date at that time : Tourist. The accompanying catalogue featured a foreword and essay by the writer Jonathan P Watts. In autumn 2015 the Festival presented a small collection of recent works to curators and collectors at a private exhibition in London. Current projects include a proposal for a bronze version of Tourist to be presented as a public work in a Suffolk town; and To the Moon and Back – a series of bronzes about a former family dog called Marley, a lurcher-Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross. The latter will be on show for the first time at the 2017 Spring Festival Exhibition. Other works are also currently available for sale.


Agent for Selected Editions and Series by : 

  Alice-Andrea Ewing

Alice-Andrea Ewing’s practice as an artist is developing and expanding rapidly, encompassing drawing, painting, writing and bronze casting. Following on from residency projects at the farm with The Alde Valley Spring Festival in 2014 and 2015, the Festival now represents Alice’s Great Glemham Series. This is an ongoing series of unique and limited edition bronzes made from some of the more unusual fruits and vegetables that are grown in the walled garden at Great Glemham House in Suffolk [the subject of An Artist in the Garden, Full Circle Editions 2012]. The garden extends over 2 acres and is home to a range of heritage fruit trees and rare vegetables. These include Lord Suffield and Lord Derby apples, medlars, beans from Hungary, chillies from Georgia and various varieties of peppers, artichokes and aubergines; and withered fruits collected from the garden’s apple store in mid-winter.

The mould-making and bronze casting process is usually seasonal, taking place in late summer for an annual autumn show at White House Farm – but with some specimens also gathered from the greenhouses and storerooms in the winter months. A selection of pieces from the Great Glemham Series are usually available for sale at other times of year – and whilst this series represents only a small part of Alice’s current range of work, it has been exciting to be able to maintain and develop this project over the past few years.

The Great Glemham Series

Freddy Morris

The Spring Festival represents two strands of Freddy Morris’s work : The Tangle Series and Variations. These grew out of two studio / workshop residencies at White House Farm in 2014 and 2015. During these – and particularly during a Woodland Residency in 2015, Freddy started experimenting with unique burn-out bronzes of structures made from twigs and branches which he had re-worked into new 3-dimensional forms. The effects were dramatic – but limited in scale by the burn-out technique.

Towards the end of the 2015 residency Freddy started experimenting with moulds taken from larger pieces of dead wood: from sweet chestnuts, box trees and ivy stems. This led to The Tangle Series – an open ended series of sculptures made from re-assembled casts of twigs and branches, the largest of which developed into editions, through the use of multiple bronze-welded components cast from re-usable moulds. He had effectively created an alphabet of components that could be cast into new forms At the same time, he started to make moulds of dried stems from much more delicate plants: from umbellifers and bracken. This avenue of exploration led to much more open and expansive bronzes called Variations – so-named because, although editions were technically possible, the delicacy of the component parts was such that the precise form of the finished bronzes always varied slightly.

Several of the Tangle Series and Variations feature in the Alde Valley Spring Festival’s art collection and were taken to Cumbria for a small pilot exhibition in autumn 2016 to test Freddy’s work in an upland setting – a land in which horizons and the elements [tumbling water, wind, rock] are more prominent than in Suffolk. The effects were dramatic – the works came alive in a more exposed setting. We are now looking at exhibition opportunties for the Tangle Series and Variations in other environments – both outdoor and urban – in the UK and internationally.

The Tangle Series | Variations

Represented Maker : 


Tobias Ford 

Tobias Ford is the first maker to be represented by The Alde Valley Spring Festival. He is also a very gifted sculptor and was on a Workshop Residency at White House Farm in 2015. During this time he started experimenting with knife making using an old coke-fired forge. The Spring Festival has been supported the creation of a dedicated knife making forge and workshop at White House Farm so that he can further develop his knife making skills. Each knife is unique, made by hand from recycled sawmill blades and carefully selected riveted, hardwood handles.

Handmade kitchen knives

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The Festival Exhibition 2018 ~
Works for Sale

As ever, it is a great honour to be able to show artists’ work at the farm during the Spring Festival. All the works presented below are on show and for sale in the 2017 Spring Festival Exhibition. 

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